Sleep disturbances and restlessness are daily habit for many people. Due to tensions at work, family events, stress and disturbing events, body and mind cannot come to rest. This entails nervousness and tensions resulting in headaches, muscle aches, problems with feelings to even depression and exhaustion. Restful Sleep is, however, the basis for health and well-being. Only a good night's sleep ensures that we stay awake during the day and makes us more productive.
CALMSID 60 Capsules

Features: Real valerian, lavender, lemon balm
Contribute to relaxation and proper sleep.
Crataegus laevigata (Poiret) DC. (Stylish Hawthorn),
Tilia cordata Mill. (Winter Linde),
Valeriana repens Host (= Valeriana officinalis L. subsp. repens (Host) (real valerian),
Matricaria recutita l. (= Matricaria chamomilla l., Chamomilla recutita (l.) Rauschert)
(Real chamomile),
Lavandula angustifolia L. (Lavender),
Melissa officinalis L. (Lemon balm),
Sideritis syriaca l. (ironwort),
* Filler: colloidal silicon dioxide,
* Casing: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.
Presentation: Available in a jar of 60 capsules.
Use: 3 x 1 capsule daily
Does not contain any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, gelatine, lactose, animal substances, gluten.
CNK: 3890308
NUT number: PL2900/7